The Florida Bonneted Bat

Our Work

The Miami Bat Lab at Zoo Miami is founded by Bat Conservation International.
We protect the Florida Bonneted Bat by:



Gaining knowledge to protect this species.

  • Identify habitat areas that are prime for roosting sites
  • Understand the diet of urban-based Florida bonneted bats
  • Understand how noise and light pollution impact bat populations


Community Outreach


Raising awareness based on our research.

  • Help the public understand how everyday activities can impact structures where these amazing creatures roost
  • Generate support for bat houses in public spaces
  • Conserve open foraging space
Artificial Roost


Creating safe habitats.

  • Research new bat house designs for urban environments
  • Reduce everyday disturbances and decrease conflicts with homeowners by installing specially designed bat houses in public spaces


Bat houses

Install 20 hurricane-resistant bat houses in critical roosting areas by 2021

Engaging local citizens

Engage over 3,600 local citizens per year


The Florida bonneted bat is a Federally endangered species. Due to their protective status, placement of target bat houses on private property is discouraged.

There are other ways to make a difference. Make a donation to support our work or install a bat house designed for other local species.

The Miami Bat Lab is a partnership of:


“The importance of the partnership between Zoo Miami and Bat Conservation International cannot be overstated. By combining their unique resources, they have created a role model for conservation efforts to better understand and protect this critically endangered species for future generations.”

Ron Magill